Our Quality Policy at smartphotoeditors.com

While our goal has always been to provide our services at an affordable price, that does not mean we are willing to compromise on quality. We pride ourselves on delivering world class quality work, with stringent quality controls that govern all of our project processes.

Using state of the art photo editing software and technology, we’re determined to achieve the goals set out by ISO quality standards, including accuracy levels of 98% or greater, error free photo editing services, and quality assurance procedures for each stage of the project.

Management and quality staff perform regular checks to determine:

  • Productivity of the editing staff.
  • Scores at critical performance measures.
  • Effectiveness of hiring and training.
  • Areas that can receive additional improvements.
  • Overall process capability.

We’re constantly tweaking our system to make it more efficient, while also delivering the highest quality results.

The Quality Check Process

We have integrated a comprehensive quality check process into our operations. Photo editors are checked regularly for not only their speed and efficiency, but also their accuracy toward meeting project guidelines. Any photo editors that have failed to meet the quality standards we’ve set out for them are removed from the project immediately, and samples of each edited photo are checked regularly to ensure they meet the service level agreements. In addition, our quality check program provides:

  • Performance reports for each employee and editor.
  • Documentation of repeat errors for elimination.
  • Calibration checks to ensure that all photos are being edited correctly.
  • Dedicated quality assurance team to check against deviations from our quality policy.
  • Oversight of all photo editing to check against project agreements.
  • Integration of customer feedback, suggestions, and requests.
  • Progress reports at regular intervals notifying customers of quality adherence.
  • Recheck of final images before sending product to customer.

Our dedication to quality work is second to none, and we are continuously adding new quality measures in place to ensure that the project is completed at or above your expectations. Contact us today to learn more about our quality assurance program, or to get started on your next project.