Portrait Color Correction Service

The right balance of colors is essential to capture that perfect portrait. Yet, color in a portrait can often be tricky — and that’s where Smart Photo Editors (SPE) comes in with the portrait color correction service to deliver you the perfect shot. Sometimes, redness from acne, sunburn or even the weather distracts from the image, while other times, there’s just not enough color to pop. SPE’s portrait color correction makes those color distractions disappear while focusing on the color palettes for an image that stands out.

Smart Photo Editors portrait color correction service turns bland RAW files into colorful shots that emphasize personality and style. By removing odd color casts and perfecting a photograph’s colors, SPE helps your portraits stand out with natural color and light adjustments.

Still not convinced? Check our sample files to find out how SPE’s portrait color correction service can give your shots that extra punch.

Smart Photo Editors Portrait Color Correction Services

  • Perfect the Contrast — Whether the goal is an image that pops or that matte film look, SPE creates that perfect mix of contrast using color adjustments rather than a simple and ineffective contrast slider.
  • Correct the Saturation — SPE’s team of photo editors can make sure the image has just the right amount of saturation to create an image that pops but doesn’t have that fake color look.
  • Hone that Hue — SPE helps to create an accurate color palette by adjusting the hue for the perfect color in the portrait to make it look colorful yet natural.
  • White Balance — At SPE, our experienced image editors fine-tune the white balance for a clear, sharper lines in the portrait. Apart from further enhancing the photograph, this helps in getting styling effects as well.
  • Remove Odd Color Casts — When the scene has odd colors reflecting off surfaces, the editors at SPE balances out those oddities resulting in an exceptional color combination for the portrait.
  • Stylistic Color — Like that light and airy look or perhaps the deep colors of the classic film? SPE adjusts colors in the background to suit your photo style.

SPE Portrait Color Correction Benefits

  • Fast turnaround — Impress customers with quick delivery thanks to overnight color correction.
  • Exceptional experience — SPE’s team of Adobe photo editing experts have fine-tuned more than six million images to date.
  • Specialized portrait pros — SPE’s team of portrait editors know the ins-and-outs of portraits, handling edits from colors to retouching acne.
  • Affordable pricing — Getting multiple images portrait-perfect for your client doesn’t have to be expensive with customized pricing models which are best in the industry.
  • Stand out service — Make your photos stand out with a company with transparent communication, anytime status update, and exceptional customer satisfaction.

Give Your Portraits the Professional Look with Smart Photo Editors

Create portraits that pop with SPE’s color correction service. SPE’s photo editing service mixes expert color adjustments with affordable prices and fast turnarounds, allowing photographers to adhere to their timeline promises.

Don’t sacrifice a quality edit to keep costs low — work with the experts at Smart Photo Editors that have over 99 percent satisfaction rate on the very first edit. To know more about our customized pricing and engagement model, Contact us today.