Product Image Clipping Services

Smart Photo Editors (SPE) provides product image clipping services for presentations, advertisements, portfolios, labels, etc. Our image editing team clips product images enhance those images with the right adjustment of color, tone, and light for displaying on eCommerce portals or portfolios professionally. SPE has a team of product retouching specialists who are experienced in removing or adding background and make the products presentable based on the mediums, such as website, brochures, emails, and more.

Let our product clipping professionals help your business showcase your online displays in an amazing portfolio of the product range. Our engagement model and expertise will save you time, money, and provide you with peace of mind with respect to the quality of the output.

Smart Photo Editors’ Product Photo Clipping Services

SPE’s product photo clipping service includes adding or removal of the background and customizing the background as well in the form of cut-out, etching, knock-out, silhouette editing, etc. Our list of product clipping services is extensive, and as follows:

  • Background Image Removal

    Our editors remove the existing product background so that the product image blends with the background where it is showcased. The team also adds either a black and white background or any specific one as requested.

  • Product Retouching Services

    SPE provides you with exceptional product photo retouching services that will transform your product images from average to exceptional. Adding adequate light, contract, or color tone touch-ups, we make your product photos stand out.

  • Ghost Mannequins for Your Product Photos

    We edit product images with mannequins and deliver only the product images. To give the products, especially jewelry or other similar fashion items, a realistic look, we developed the unseen portions and enhanced them by adding shadow and reflections.

  • Adding and Removing Product Shadows

    As specified by businesses, we add or remove shadows to product images to make their products stand out. The shadows are added in the right proportions, and touch-ups are made to get the natural look of the products.

  • Clipping and Retouching of Jewelry Photos

    Ecommerce images are essential to getting customers to buy products online. SPE’s specialist jewelry image editors clip the jewelry products and enhance those images with color correction, and adjustment of reflection and shadow.

  • Product Color Correction

    SPE teams have the skills and experience to dive into product images and correct their color, pixel by pixel if necessary. Based on the background image or color schemes, we create the same product image int different colors or add a color tint to go well with the environment.

  • Product Image Resizing for Online Portals

    SPE provides the required right size of the product image without compromising the quality or resolution. We also provide the same product image in different sizes for different purposes by maintaining quality.

Our Image Clipping Service Comes with Many Amazing Benefits

Letting our teams at SPE handle your product image clipping services comes with a lot of amazing benefits.

  • One instruction edits all – If you have a bulk order and a set of instructions to follow, our product clipping team will deliver them all in time.
  • Image clubbing – If you want to superimpose any sticker or brand image on the product photos, we can help you with care so that your product images look absolutely natural.
  • Brand consistency – At times, brand symbols on products look different due to light reflection or other issues. We correct those to maintain brand consistency across all your photos.
  • Image customization – As part of our eCommerce image editing service, we ensure customize your product images based on the backgrounds or your specific instructions.
  • Advance image masking – We use techniques like layer masking, transparency masking, or alpha masking to give your product images the most realistic look.

Product Photo Editing Solutions with a Single Outsourcing Partner

With a team of professional image editors, access to cutting-edge tools, and editing infrastructure, outsourcing product image clipping requirements to Smart Photo Editors is a wise decision. We are able to provide guaranteed product clipping services that will save you time, money, and ensure all of your product photos are of the best quality and look natural. To discuss your project or get a free quote on your custom requirement, contact us today.

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