Image Masking Service from SmartPHOTOeditors

Image masking entails some of the most time-intensive editing in the industry. SmartPHOTOeditors (SPE) image masking services offer an effective photo editing strategy for taking traditional clipping methods to the next level. SPE offers specialized image masking services that will prove especially helpful to photographers, marketing professionals, graphic designers, eCommerce owners, and managers for companies of all sizes.

Specialized Image Masking Services

SPE can help by providing support in four specific image-masking service areas:

  • Simple to Complex Image Masking

    SPE’s professional photo editors have mastered the full range of photo masks and can handle the most complex situations, including mannequin removal, solid/curved edges, transparent objects (such as smoke or windows), and hair/fur.

  • Background Removal

    SPE completes background removals after we mask the image. This often includes replacing the background entirely and provides maximum flexibility for reusing images in several locations with different requirements.

  • Shadows and Reflections

    SPE makes the process of adding a drop shadow or subtle reflection much easier with photo masking. We especially use this approach to add 3D effects in product photography, improving their marketing potential.
  • Multiple File Formats

    SPE delivers the final edits to you in the best file format for your need. We can work on PSD files and produce high-resolution EPS and JPEG files or create a web-optimized file that works best for fast uploads on the internet.

Working with SmartPHOTOeditors: The Image Masking Benefits

As you make decisions about internal staffing and outsourcing for image and hair masking needs, here are five benefits of working with SPE:

  • Assured Quick Turnarounds — SPE provides a turnaround of as little as 12 hours. Our 24/7 service means no more project delays.
  • Experienced Team of Image Masking Experts — SPE understands all photo masking aspects. You won't need to train someone on your staff or buy expensive software.
  • Guaranteed Quality Satisfaction — SPE has the experience and skills to ensure you will always be satisfied with our work. We offer a money-back guarantee.
  • Upfront Pricing for Cost-Effective Image Masking — SPE's image masking service starts at $8 per hour, and bulk discounts are available for high-volume projects.

Photo Masking — When Traditional Image Clipping Methods Are Not Enough

While traditional image clipping would be easier for any photo editing service, SmartPHOTOeditors has the expertise to ensure that your images stand out in a crowd — with SPE's image masking services.

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