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New Zealand-based Real Estate HDR Photography Business Creates Impact in its New Turf with High-Quality Image Editing Services from SmartPHOTOEditors

The Client

The client is a provider and aggregator of high-end architectural and editorial photography services. The client has operated in competitive markets including the UK and Spain. The client has over a decade of experience in Real Estate visual promotion including HDR photography.

The Situation – Business Need

The client approached SmartPHOTOEditors after a gap of 2½ years, and this time from New Zealand, to where the business has been moved from the UK. The client’s aim is to tap into the new market by providing high quality virtual tours to their customers in New Zealand.

During the client’s previous engagement with SmartPHOTOEditors, photographs were processed and sent back within 24 hours. The client would like us to follow the same pattern.

The Challenges

In order to provide a solution, we faced a few challenges, such as:

  • Adjusting to the same client’s new time zone was initially challenging
    • This is because the client’s old time zone (UK) was 5 hours behind, whereas their new time zone (New Zealand) is 8 hours ahead. This meant that we got lesser time to work on the photographs than we used to have previously
  • 30% increase in the cost since the client engaged with SmartPHOTOEditors previously
  • The client requested that the same editor who worked previously on their project be allotted to work on this project also. The said editor has now become a Team Leader
  • The client sent photographs 3 properties daily, each containing 15 photos on an average

The Solution

We embarked the following solution:

  • 2 dedicated editors were assigned to work on this project
  • The requested editor, now a Team Leader, headed and quality checked the project
  • A maximum of 3o minutes were devoted to editing each photo
  • 40 to 50 photos were edited and sent within 16 hours
  • Adobe Photoshop was used for the editing work


The client benefited immensely by our solution. Some benefits derived by them were:

  • Being able to crack the new market in New Zealand
  • The client was able to provide high quality virtual tours
  • Achieved 100% quality in all the photos and customer satisfaction
  • On-time Delivery within the agreed turnaround time of 16 hours
  • The client signed further orders with SmartPHOTOEditors